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The Elements of Product Management



Product management is a hard job. There are so many variations depending on the company, its stage, and the product. Thus, two similar product managers can have vastly different careers and experiences.

To succeed as a product manager, you need practical, usable advice and templates to get shit done. That's what Elements of Product Management covers. In 150 pages, you'll be able to flip to a specific topic, read it in 5 minutes, and put it to use. Don't Google and read through content marketing blogs written to get you to buy a product.

Why should you care? I have 10+ years of product management experience earned working at pre-seed, venture-funded, and Fortune 500 companies. In addition, the advice and templates here were designed after interviewing PMs at companies both large and small, from Facebook, Google to VCs and EIRs.

Table of Contents:

This book is organized into five chapters, each addressing a specific area you’ll encounter in your product management career. While you can read each chapter sequentially, this book is better used as a reference. Familiarize yourself with the topics covered in each chapter, then use the table of contents when you run into a problem. My hope is this book serves as a friendly companion that can guide you when you need help.

●    Chapter 1: Foundational Skills provides concrete tips to improve your daily productivity. Product managers have to juggle many different roles. You’ll learn techniques that will save you time.

●    Chapter 2: Product Discovery teaches techniques that help you build products or features that users value. Half your battle is deciding what to build. Getting it wrong means you’re wasting everyone’s time.

●    Chapter 3: Product Delivery teaches techniques to help you and the product team deliver products on time, within budget, and within scope. You’ll learn techniques that improve communication and collaboration among teams and reduce waste.

●    Chapter 4: Better Relationships teaches you to foresee, avoid, and manage conflicts when working with others. Nine common roles are covered: software engineers, marketers, founders, designers, sales or business development, customer success, attorneys, finance, and data scientists. You’ll learn how to view their job through their eyes, how to jointly reach shared goals, and how to handle the inevitable disagreements.

●    Chapter 5: People Management teaches you to change your mindset when you become a manager of other product managers. Specific skills are taught to help you recruit, onboard, coach, and fire product managers. 

●   Chapter 6: Templates provides you with various, downloadable templates and examples. It is all organized by the prior chapter and complements the topics you’ve read.

Limited 100 books, mailed directly to you. Book will come out on Jan 1, 2022. 


The book will be shipped directly from the printer, which is how I've been able to lower the shipping cost.

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The Elements of Product Management

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